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2019may 11 - nov 24 2019George Condo, Cyprien Gaillard, Rosemarie Trockel, Kaari UpsonMay You Live In Interesting TimesLa Biennale di Venezia,
feb 12 - sep 22 2019John Baldessari, Thomas Demand, Barbara Kruger, Analia Saban, Kaari Upson (Group show)California Artists from the Marciano CollectionMarciano Art Foundation,
Los Angeles
2018dec 21 2018 - may 12 2019Kaari Upson (Group show)Zombies: Pay Attention!Aspen Art Museum
oct 11 - dec 16 2018Kaari Upson (Group show)The Artist is PresentYuz Museum,
sep 22 - nov 10 2018Kaari Upson (Group show)DAN FINSEL /TRULEE HALL / CHRIS PETERS / KAARI UPSONMichael Benevento,
Los Angeles
apr 12 - apr 15 2018Kaari Upson (Group show)La Triennale de MilanoTorre Velasco,
feb 24 - jun 03 2018Kaari Upson (Group show)Eruption from the Surface: The Origami Principle in ArtMarta Herford Museum for Art, Architecture, Design,
Herford, Germany
2017sep 12 - nov 12 2017Kaari Upson (Group show)‘A Good Neighbor'15th Istanbul Biennial,
may 25 - dec 24 2017Lizzie Fitch / Ryan Trecartin, Cyprien Gaillard, Louise Lawler, Sterling Ruby, Analia Saban, Kaari Upson (Group show)Unpacking: The Marciano CollectionMarciano Art Foundation,
Los Angeles
apr 26 - apr 27 2017Analia Saban, Kaari Upson (Group show)Material Concerns and Current PracticesHelen Frankenthaler Foundation,
New York
mar 17 - jun 11 2017Kaari Upson (Group show)Whitney BiennialWhitney Museum of American Art, New York
mar 11 - may 13 2017Sterling Ruby, Analia Saban, Kaari Upson (Group show)Concrete IslandVENUS,
Los Angeles
2016sep 30 2016 - jan 08 2017Kaari Upson (Group show)No Man’s Land: Women Artists from the Rubell Family CollectionNational Museum of Women in the Arts,
Washington, DC
sep 22 2016 - jan 22 2017Kaari Upson (Group show)Los Angeles – A FictionAstrup Fearnley Museum, Oslo, Norway
sep 02 - oct 09 2016Sterling Ruby, Kaari Upson (Group show)Adhesive ProductsBergen Kunsthall, Bergen, Norway
jun 10 - jul 29 2016Kaari Upson (Group show)SELFMassimo De Carlo,
mar 13 - sep 04 2016Kaari Upson (Group show)Revolution in the Making: Abstract Sculpture by Women, 1947 – 2016Hauser Wirth & Schimmel,
Los Angeles
2015dec 02 2015 - may 28 2016Kaari Upson (Group show)No Man’s Land: Women Artists from the Rubell Family CollectionRubell Family Collection,
nov 16 - nov 30 2015Petra Cortright, Luis Gispert, Alex Ito, Carter Mull, Ken Okiishi, Timur Si-qin, Ryan Trecartin, Kaari UpsonYoung AmericansFranz Josefs Kai 3,
oct 25 2015 - apr 30 2016Kaari Upson (Group show)New SkinAïshti Foundation,
aug 15 2015 - sep 12 2016Kaari Upson (Group show)The Art of Our TimeMuseum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles
apr 23 2015 - mar 2016Kaari Upson (Group show)PanoramaThe High Line,
New York
mar 27 - jun 28 2015Kaari Upson (Group show)Second ChancesAspen Art Museum
jan 30 - jun 07 2015Kaari Upson (Group show)Sleepless: The Bed in History and Contemporary Art21er Haus,
2014sep 27 - dec 07 2014Kaari Upson (Group show)Golden StateMOCA Tucson
sep 13 - nov 09 2014Kaari Upson (Group show)The Los Angeles ProjectUllens Center for Contemporary Art,
may 03 - jun 07 2014Kaari Upson (Group show)MaximalismContemporary Fine Arts,
apr 16 - may 24 2014Thomas Grünfeld, Rashid Johnson, Rob Pruitt, Josh Smith, Kaari Upson, Andra UrsutaHome/SculptureMassimo De Carlo,
apr 05 - may 22 2014Kaari Upson (Group show)VeilsUnderground Museum,
Los Angeles
mar 05 2014 - jan 15 2015Kaari Upson (Group show)ProcessionCAPC Musée D’art Contemporain, Bordeaux
feb 25 - mar 08 2014Kaari Upson (Group show)CalArts Art Benefit and AuctionRegen Projects,
Los Angeles
2013sep 24 - oct 05 2013Kaari Upson (Group show)CULMNight Gallery,
Los Angeles
sep 22 - dec 01 2013Kaari Upson (Group show)Test PatternWhitney Museum of American Art,
New York
jun 21 - aug 02 2013Kaari Upson (Group show)Mixed Message MediaGladstone Gallery,
New York
jun 08 - sep 29 2013Kaari Upson (Group show)Transforming the Known: Works from the Bert Kreuk CollectionGemeentemuseum Den Haag
may 11 - jun 29 2013Kaari Upson (Group show)Endless Bummer II/Still Bummin’Marlborough Chelsea, New York
apr 03 - may 18 2013Kaari Upson (Group show)Passive AggressiveMassimo De Carlo,
mar 15 - apr 28 2013Kaari Upson (Group show)FLICKER Control Room,
Los Angeles
feb 10 - mar 11 2013Kaari Upson (Group show)A Selection of Recent AcquisitionsThe Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles
2012may 04 - jul 15 2012Kaari Upson (Group show)The Residue of MemoryAspen Art Museum
2011nov 30 2011 - jul 27 2012Kaari Upson (Group show)American ExuberanceRubell Family Collection,
oct 20 - nov 26 2011Kaari Upson (Group show)OH!Galerie Patrick Seguin, Paris
jul 10 - oct 02 2011Kaari Upson (Group show)George Herms: Xenophilia (Love of the Unknown)MOCA Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles
mar 01 - apr 15 2011Kaari Upson (Group show)InvoluntaryFord Project,
New York
feb 15 - apr 20 2011Kaari Upson (Group show)Are You Glad to Be in America?Massimo De Carlo,
2010dec 15 2010 - jan 31 2011Kaari Upson (Group show)Psycho PaintingCarlson Gallery,
dec 01 2010 - aug 26 2011Kaari Upson (Group show)How Soon NowRubell Family Collection,
feb 06 - may 09 2010Kaari Upson (Group show)One on OneSITE,
Santa Fe
2009nov 12 - dec 17 2009Kaari Upson (Group show)Berlin – Los Angeles: A Tale of Two (Other) CitiesMassimo De Carlo,
oct 04 - oct 31 2009Kaari Upson (Group show)Chinese BoxOverduin and Kite,
Los Angeles
mar 08 - may 31 2009Kaari Upson (Group show)Nine Lives: Visionary artists from l.a.Hammer Museum, Los Angeles
2008nov 20 - dec 20 2008Kaari Upson (Group show)Sack of BonesPeres Projects,
Los Angeles
jul 10 - aug 29 2008Kaari Upson (Group show)Pretty UglyGavin Brown's Enterprise & Maccarone,
New York
2007jul 18 - sep 01 2007Kaari Upson (Group show)Internal MechanismsHigh Energy Constructs, Los Angeles,
mar 05 - mar 10 2007Kaari Upson (Group show)Exquisite Acts & Everyday RebellionsMain Gallery, California Institute of the Arts,
feb 24 - mar 18 2007Kaari Upson (Group show)The Juice is Loose...A Big Painting Show507 Rose,